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BlogWorld Vegas: How To Make Money On Your Blog

Hello from BlogWorld Vegas.  There is a lot of enthusiasm in the air.  The vibe hear reminds me of the scrappy, folksy entrepreneurs that you see amongst eBay Power Sellers.  The attendees are very engaged and their is a lot of business and enlightening discussion happening in and outside of the conference.

One of the first sessions "Making Money Online with a Blog" was a great sessions.  Dean Jutilla from WidgetBucks did a great write-up on that session.  Some of the real giants in the blogging space had some interesting insights into how all of us can better hone our blog publishing skills, including:

  • Blog about a passion or hobby – it took well over a year for each speaker to build meaningful audiences.  They discussed how they have abandoned a ton of blogs because they were more oriented to making money than a subject that they were excited about.  Darren Rowse at mentioned that his photo enthustiast site has been in the works for well over 2.5 years.  Eventually, the content and the hard work pays off.
  • Acquire an audience – all of the panelists mentioned that you should not rely solely on RSS feeds and natural search results to acquire and retain your audience.  All of the panelists use email communication as a key part of their communication with their readers.  They mentioned a great service from aweber that packages up your posts into email form for your readers.  I know that I am going to look into that.  Also, many of the panelists mentioned that bloggers should develop an ebook.  Package up your posts into a PDF.  Its a great way to acquire email addresses which builds your overall customer base.
  • Become a thought leader – all of the panelists are online marketing brands in their own right.  All of the panelists encouraged reaching out to other blogs (via comments), engage in online discussion forums around your topic, etc. 

It certainly helps WidgetBucks to engage with the thought leaders in the space, too.  Many of the panelists actually got tips from some online marketing thought leaders.  So, it definitely helps to engage thought leaders.  They will help you.

More posts to come.


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