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Build A Business On Your Own Soil

This is an interesting post from Nick O'Neill on titled, The Future of Widgets on Facebook: Dead.  The post details how Nick's application has been severly impacted by the recent UI change on Facebook.  It reminded me of the perils of relying on someone's platform for your own business. We've seen this story before.  We've seen it from Microsoft, Google, and many others.
From my personal experience, I remember when I was a young product manager working for a company
called WRQ in the early 90's, we had a PC-based TCP/IP software product line that basically went away after Microsoft included similar functionality in the operating system for free.  I am not blaming Microsoft.  I am a free market kinda guy.  But, I will never forget that lesson.  I encourage you entrepreneurs out there to strive to build your business on your own land.


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