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Cool WTIA Panel On Next Gen Computer Interfaces Tomorrow

I have always been fascinated with next generation computer interfaces.  Who can forget how Star Trek Next Generations' Jean Luc Picard would order a beverage: "Tea.  Earl Grey. Hot."  Or Tom Cruise in the movie, Minority Report, would interact with his computer via a slick holographic interface.  We all long to have more human-like interfaces with computers. 

If I wasn't going to AdTech this week, then I would be attending the WTIA's Conference this week that is focused on next generation UI. Its entitled, "toward a more human experience: the next generation of user-computer interfaces."  Local Angel investor and Draper Fisher Jurveston
venture partner, Bill Bryant, will be emceeing the panel.

I personally have been interested to get a real-world demo of Swype (which is featured on the panel).  If anyone is attending, I would be super interested in hearing your thoughts about the conference.


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