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How Would Tony Stark Prepare For A Pitch?

In honor of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie coming out on May 7th, I will author all of my posts as an homage to the Marvel comic Shellhead.  I

The image below of Jon Favreau (who plays Tony Stark's bodyguard in the film) the director of IM, reminded me of a post that I did in early 2009 entitled, "Do Not Demo Naked."  The image of the bodyguard racing to find Tony Stark with armor in tow reminded me of a recent situation where I wasn't prepared for a partner pitch.  I needed my armor. 

 image from

The tips in this blog post might be useful.  In addition to the tips, I'd like to reinforce the need to have a local demo available.  You never know when a wifi connection will go down and you
don't want to be caught without your proverbial armor.  Its amazing
what you can do these days with screen capture tools
like Camtasia.  Always be ready for the unexpected. 


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