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Top 10 iPhone Applications For Entrepreneurs

I must say that I have become an Apple fanboy — I am a huge fan of the iPhone and iPad.  I feel like Batman accessing a virtual array of applications to help me on my journey of being a entrepreneurial crime fighter.  Here are my personal picks for must have applications for CEOs and entrepreneurial road warriors.

1. Jaadu – I put together my favorite applications to help fight the good entrepreneurial fight. The cost is $24.99.  You can access your desktop on your iPhone or iPod Touch, controlling your computer when it's on the same wi-fi network–or across the Internet. 

2. TripIt – My buddy Greg Brockway runs this fantastic company.  Its a free application and perfect for the road warrior.  You can create kick ass efficient itineraries

3.  FlightTrack Pro – ths cost is $4.99 and $9.99 Pro.  I love this application because it is your personal travel agent which includes a graphical tracker of your flight.  I have actually used this application while I have been in the air over my Alaska Air wifi connection.

4. Take Me To My Car is a fantastic application.  It does exactly what it says — it helps you find your car.  I am constantly lost in parking garages. 

4. iHound  – track down your iPhone if it is lost or stolen.  iHound can help you recover yours by way of a Web-based mapping tool and your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and GPS location services.

5.Biz Discounts – I like deals and the Allied Business Network puts deals right in your iPhone with this app, offering savings on car rentals, hotels, office supplies, printing and more.

6.Free WiFi Finder – in this day and age, I cannot believe when I can't find a WiFi connection.  This app is a great way uses the iPhone’s GPS capability to locate free WiFi hot spots.

7. Google Earth – It is the best way to navigate the globe.  Its free and you can easily track down restaurants, shops, bars, etc. .

8. Linked In – I love using Linked In to get the scoop on the people that I am about to meet.  It is a great way to sound like you have done your homework.

9. Skype: Don't pay a fortune for iPhone calling; Skype gives you free Skype-to-Skype calls.

10. WiFi HD Free: Share, copy, and backup your files from any computer or another iPhone.

I would love to hear what your favorite applications are.  Let me know.


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