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Facebook’s Meteoric Advertising Market Share

Its amazing to see Facebook's eyeball dominance grow.  I've written about Facebook before here and here, but, there growth and valuation continues to be nothing but exponentially impressive.  This recent WSJ post cites FB's recent reported $70 billion dollar valuation.  That's with a billion with a big "B". 


With this kind of scale, monetization is going to get even more natural to slide into their ecosystem.  In terms of online advertising, Comscore just published their recent online advertising report for Q1 2011   and Facebook now has 31% of the overall online ad display market and more impressively their impressions have growth 100% year over year. 

Performance is going to be a different issue with the Facebook ad network – there is still not the context yet on their platform to drive the type of performance that one would get via search engine marketing.  But, you have to think how Facebook would deploy beharivoral targeting data to an off-Facebook ad platform.  Facebook continually pushes out compenonts of their platform (e.g, “Likes), extending their monetization off of Facebook is seemingly a no-brainer.


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