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The Art of the Pivot

A recent Geekwire post from friend and former colleague, Kelly Smith, was very thoughtful and transparent concerning the typical reality of most startups – the pivot.  In the post, Kelly articulates in detail how he had to refactor and launch his Zapd application (again).  It’s a good read and I encourage all current and aspiring entrepreneurs to read it.

Attached is the memorable clip from the sitcom, Friends feature Ross's anxiety-ridden screams of "PIVAT!"  

 Often times we only hear news from entrepreneurs about the 'up-and-to-the-right' proclamations that are almost always designed to mirror the tough realities of a startup.  Startups are very hard and the path to success is often riddled with changes in direction in strategy, product, etc.  It’s exciting and a journey that can be quite rewarding.  I did a post last year on Geekwire about the story of AdXpose that might be useful, too.


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