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TINYhr is a great startup management tool

My friend, David Niu, recently started a company called, TINYhr.  David is one of the most positive guys that I know.  He's a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He previously founded NetConversions (sold to aQuantive) and BuddyTV.  What I like about TINYHR and his first product TINYpulse is that he's figuring out how out how to consumerize the HR function for companies.  His company's mission is to help companies basically facilitate happier and more productive employees.  The product anonymously polls your employees every week with different questions so that you can better gauge the overall mood of your business.  In addition, it includes a virtual suggestion box and a 'cheers' feature that enables your employees to send kudos to each other (these can be anonymous if you choose).  I have been beta testing the product for a couple of months and really love it.  You as the manager can track the heartbeat of your company constantly.  Its like having for your company's overall health.  Checkout the post that TechCrunch on TINYhr. 

I like the idea of having a real-time performance management system that you (the manager) can drive.  No more waiting for those monolithic human resource-driven processes every year.  As TINYhr gets more scale, the product will be able to better benchmark your companies morale against other like sized companies.  You can look at what TINYhr is doing as a complete democratization of the HR department. 

I encourage companies large and small to checkout TINYpulse.  I am not an investor, just a happy customer.


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