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Introducing Pytch

It has been awhile since I have posted.  Its been a busy 8 months since I have taken the CEO post at ClickBank.   One of the most exciting projects that I have been working on has been an extending ClickBank into the smartphone and tablet space.  ClickBank is a large digital distribution platform for very small to mid-size merchants.  Moving into the mobile space aggressively is not really a restart for the company.  ClickBank is already playing in the mobile space with 11% of our transactions coming from the mobile Web without much optimization, we are really not participating in the much larger mobile opportunity.  ClickBank has no presence is the highest engaging, highest performing segment of the mobile ecosystem — we are not playing in the app ecosystem.  The overall mobile advertising business is growing at 100% YoY – last year revenues were $7.29 billion and they are projected to be $27.13 billion by 2017.  It is more of a pivot.  I’ve been involved in some pivots before.  One of my favorite examples that turned out to be a triple-bank-shot type of turnaround was AdXpose which started out as an eBay seller tool, then an ad network, and then, an ad optimization business.  You can read more PYTCH_Logoabout that experience here.

Today, I am happy to announce a new mobile monetization service called, Pytch.    Pytch is a new a new high-performance mobile monetization service.  It is debuting today at our Las Vegas event, ClickBank Exchange.

Whether it is smartphones or tablets consumers have fundamentally changed the way they search for information and conduct commerce.  The PC is no longer the dominant way consumers are engaging with content.  In 2014 smartphone and tablet sales will dwarf PC sales by 10:1 according to Gartner,  time spent on mobile platforms exceed PC's and mcommerce will grow into the hundreds of billions. Clickbank has been very busy developing a platform to meet the need of entrepreneurs, affiliates, mobile app developers and broader mobile advertising ecosystem.  
What is Pytch?:  Pytch is a mobile monetization service.   Advertisers and publishers need a platform which makes it easy to design for mobile environments as well as reach consumers who are no longer married to their PC for commerce.  Pytch is no one service or feature.  For content creators and entrepreneurs Pytch is a combination of partner services that make it easy to optimize web sites for mobile environments as well as a powerful ad server where mobile ads can be uploaded, managed and targeted across a wide array of leading mobile ad networks.  For mobile app developers and affiliates the benefits of Pytch could not be more clear, greater monetization by sharing in transactional revenue as opposed to cpm focused campaigns.  Pytch makes integrating it mobile SDK easy, the analytics and performance metrics real-time and the checks start flowing.  

If you are interested in signing up for the Pytch preview, please signup here:


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