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You Can’t Manufacture Customer Loyalty

A couple of weeks ago we held our third annual ClickBank customer event called ClickBank Exchange.  We had a fantastic line-up of speakers, hundreds of customers in attendance, and new ClickBank product announcments.  It has been a fascinating ride for me personally taking on the role of ClickBank's CEO. ClickBank is a digital commerce & marketing platform for entrepreneurs worldwide and we're about helping digital entrepreneurs worldwide reach their financial goals.  Cbexchange14

 We had several announcements that really supported our core mission, including:

 •         Premium content – we announced the launch of “ClickBank University”.  This will be a weekly set of education webinars that will create a valuable set of educational material for our ClickBank ecosystem. 

•         Branded content– we are investing in 2-4 branded celebrity launches combined with premium content.  The next celebrity we will be working with is Kevin Harrington.  Kevin invented the first infomercial and runs the company “As Seen on TV.”  He recently received more attention and notoriety due to his involvement as a panelist on TV's, Shark Tank. 

•        New platform features – we have a number of new features that our customers have been asking for, including:

  • Shopping cart
  • Coupons
  • Upgrade/downgrade subscriptions
  • Real-time analytics
  • Custom order form

 •        Mobile – We launched Pytch successfully at ClickBank Exchange on-time and with more features than we had anticipated.  We have received thousands of sign-ups to implement the Pytch functionality since we announced.  More on Pytch here.

What I was struck with was the general enthusiasm for our company.  Being relatively new to the company, I was not prepared for the authentic support for the company. 

Its rare in one's career that you are able to work for a company that has a service that can change people's lives.  One such example is from one of our customers, the successful health and fitness entreprenuer, Joey Altas.  Joey has built a large business on the ClickBank platform with his Cellulite reduction products.  Here's what Joey had to say to our team:

"I'm writing to say "Thank you", for inviting me to CB Exchange and giving me the opportunity to speak – to share part of my story, and success, with everyone there. I hope I delivered – and am open to any and all feedback, for future improvement.

I also want to thank you for the level of treatment you shared with me. Taking care of all the travel… the gift-bag… and everyone's friendly support was extremely appreciated. 

Most importantly, I want to let EVERYONE know you're all amazing. And I mean everyone. As individuals, you're all extremely positive, kind, genuinely pleasant and fun to be with. And together – as a team – you all simply rock. The culture you've all built together is one to be admired. I wish everyone the absolute best as the future evolves. "

This kind of feedback gives us the juice to grow the company and to innovate.  Thanks to all of our customers and employees for making ClickBank Exchange 2014 a fantastic event.


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