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Tune Is The Next Seattle Tech IPO

I just attended the HasOffers conferenced called PostBack.  btw, they just changed their name to Tune.  It was an incredible conference.   I have spent a bunch of time with HasOffers (now Tune) which focuses on attribution analytics for the Web and mobile.  Aka they know how effective your ad spend is which is especially important in mobile where tracking is very problematic.  Their growth is unofficially (‘unofficial’ because I don’t know) growing at 100% year-over-year and they'll most likely be a $35-$40M dollar company this year.  HasOffers is run by a very young, smart, and humble team that is really set on taking on the world from an analytics perspective.

The mobile market has now hit close to $10 billion in annual spend.  Impressive but 10% of consumers time is in mobile now with only 1% of the available ad dollars.  With a discrepancy between eyeballs to dollars this high in mobile, that just smells of opportunity to any company that is adding value in the mobile ecosystem.  Heck, Yahoo announced just bought Flurry analytics for a nice sum

Seattle has had its fair share of IPOs recently from the likes of Tableau and Zulily.   We haven't had a large adtech IPO in Seattle for awhile.   Really since aQuantive.  Tune is onto something.  It is very clear to me that they are in the middle of a great opportunity.  More thoughts on this tomorrow.


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