Coming Spring 2022

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About the Book

Is your business destined for greatness? I can help you determine if your business can be a market leader by answering 5 simple questions.

This is book is my love letter to the 99% of business that are not market leaders. If you are the 1%. The market leader. Please do not buy this book!   

The book is about walking business leaders through 5 steps that will help to determine whether they can unlock value for their company. Think of this like a FICO score for business. Instead of wasting dollars and time on an entire strategic planning process which typically takes months and/or large sums of money paying a consulting group, the exercise can be condensed into five core questions that will help determine if a company’s market position can be changed.

Business leaders will be taken through a crisp and clear framework that walks through the steps to determine whether they can transform a cash cow or startup into a market leader.

Written by expert operators for operators

I drafted some personal stories on my entrepreneurial and management journey that has taken me through some excited and hairy turnarounds, pivots, and rocket fuel injected growth companies.  In addition, I was able to interview some world-class entrepreneurs and executives, including:

  • Niklas Hed - co-founder of Rovio and creator of one of the most popular video games of all-time (Angry Birds)
  • Rob Solomon - Chairman of GoFundMe, former executive at Groupon, Yahoo
  • Riccardo Zacconi - Co-Founder King.com (developer of Candy Crush)
  • Laurence Franklin - former CEO of Coach, TUMI, Fette
  • Judy Goldberg - CEO and Founder of WonderShift
  • Nick Gaehde - CEO of Lexia Learning which is the fastest growing K12 edtech company
  • Soumeya Benghanem  - Product Management Executive at VMware and social media tech influencer
  • Mike Hilton - Chief Innovation Officer at Accolade, Inc. and founder of Concur (sold to SAP for $8 billion dollars)

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