How to Unlock Your Company’s Potential

Legends of Retail

Oct 28, 2022


Episode Summary
Can a struggling company change its destiny? Can you reliably turn a company’s fortunes around? If you’re Matt Hulett, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes.

‍Over his 30 years as an executive in the technology sector, Matt Hulett has become the go-to company fixer. From RealNetworks to Rosetta Stone to Expedia, he has steered start-ups and large companies into renewed areas for growth and driven more than $2 billion in value creation. He’s in the midst of his latest venture as the CEO of PetMeds.

In this conversation, Matt shares his operating framework for turning companies around and evaluating a company’s likelihood of success — T3PM: trends, timing, track record, planning and momentum. Matt recently documented the T3PM framework in his book Unlock: 5 Questions to Unleash Your Company’s Power. He relates each of these factors back to real-world examples from companies like Expedia, Rovio, Concur, and yes, even Convictional. He also shares how he’s leveraging T3PM through his current turnaround at PetMeds, where he is CEO and President. No matter where you are in your career, you’ll have something to learn from Matt.