Translating Transformation

Translating Transformation – Rosetta Stone President Matt Hulett

Jun 3, 2021


“What would your decision be on ‘insert here’ if you knew you were running out of money and wouldn’t have a job in 90 days?”

How do you take a legacy business, known for giant yellow boxes with compact discs, transform it to a mobile-first Pokemon Go of Immersive Language?

You turn to Public Company Change Agent Matt Hulett, Rosetta Stone CEO & President.

During this interview we talk about how to begin a flywheel of net new thinking, how to motivate big changes, and how to create an API translation from corporate governance to/from innovation.

Matt also shares his framework for success T3PM to help you unlock growth for your business.

Rosetta Stone is one of the world’s largest and most successful educational brands. Founded in 1992, it transformed how the world learns languages and remains an industry leader in language education.