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Top 5 Power Words For Entrepreneurs

Here is a list of my favorite power terms.  If you use these terms you are guaranteed to sell your company for a premium valuation.  Slip them into your daily operating and investing repertoire.  Here are my favorite power terms:

  1. Asymptotic – Means approaching a value or curve arbitrarily closely (to infinity).  Used in a sentence, the amount of natural search keyword terms never really zero out, there are a ton of traffic in the "long tail" — its asymptotic.
  2. Orthogonal – It has many meanings but in general it means anything extraneous or not pertinent to the matter under consideration.  In a meeting, you can drop orthogonal in some cool ways like, "the issue of shipping on time and the new feature set are orthogonal."
  3. Cohort – cohort is a group of subjects most often humans from a given population defined by experiencing an event.  Its just damn cool to drop into a sentence.
  4. De minimis – I could go into an explanation of what it means but it would be de minimis.  ;}
  5. Viral Effects – Acquiring customers cheaply and more inexpensively.  You don’t' have to spend money acquiring those fantastic customers, they just come in through word-of-mouth channels or platforms.  Congrats you have a great product.

What power words do you folks use?


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